Wielton video afbeelding
27 February 2019

The company Wielton, from Poland, is one of the largest producers of semitrailers, trailers and trailer bodies.

In this video the company shows how the flexible automation solutions effected their welding production. The current status is a result of a major update of robot welding technology performed in 2018. After nearly 15 years of successful cooperation Wielton chose Valk Welding as a partner for this update again.

At this moment they are using 19 arc welding robots from Valk Welding to automate their production. Some of these robotic installation are equipped with the Arc-Eye laser camera to further improve the production quality.In 2014 Wielton created a special class at a local secundary school, in order to form the students exactly for the needs of Wielton. Valk Welding contributed to the creating of this special class by delivering a welding robot system for educational purposes. The H-frame robotic system was installed in the school and is used for day to day education under close watch of Wielton employees. For more information go to www.wielton.com


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