Valk Welding and Oqton with united force toward even greater flexibility for our customers

Valk Welding has been the leader in the field of flexible arc welding robots for many years, and the lead is constantly growing. An important part of this success are the various solutions to quickly program a welding robot. Within this strategy is the development of ARP - Automatic Robot Programming, a collection of solutions that enable single piece production.

We are now pleased to announce that Oqton has also become part of ARP. This software is driven by artificial intelligence and makes it possible to create welding robot programs completely automatically. Because Valk Welding masters the link between the virtual world and the real world like no other (think of the unique robot calibration method, the calibrated VWPR welding torches and the enormous experience in 100% offline programming) Valk Welding was also the right partner for Oqton.

Moreover, the DTPS offline programming package remains the backbone of success and our customers trust it blindly. The Oqton development is the next step forward and meanwhile some of our customers are already taking the first steps towards fully automatic programming of the Valk Welding welding robots.

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