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Fast delivery of high-quality laser cutting has ensured exponential growth in the short term for the Belgian supplier DCoup Laser.

Besides additional operations such as bending, drilling and welding, the step to robot welding was taken last year. Meanwhile, the welding robot cell that Valk Welding supplied was used extensively for welding parts for heavier applications.

DCoup Laser in Florennes is a company of the brothers Frédéric and Cédric Demarche. In eight years, the young entrepreneurs have built up an impressive machine park, in which TRUMPF laser cutting machines, for plate and pipe and a STOPA warehouse for 2,000 tons of plate, dominate the production facility. The enormous capacity in the field of cutting also yields a lot of setting and welding work. Frédéric Demarche: "The demand for welding products has increased in recent years for some specific markets. In order to satisfy our customers, we decided to invest in robotic welding to improve the quality of components for the heavy equipment and the construction sector."


Broad sector distribution

The customer base of DCoup Laser is very diverse, from the medical sector to aviation, extrusion, agriculture and construction. "We produce unique series of different sizes for this," Frédéric Demarche explains. DCoup Laser is extensively automated on all fronts. This way, the locations of all workpieces and materials within the company are automatically tracked. The company is also certified to EN 1090 standard. But the success of the company is mainly determined by the knowledge and experience of management in the field of process and programming. "Our goal is to communicate with the customer as quickly as possible, and to keep the delivery times as short as possible"

Panasonic TM-1600WG3 with PanaDice 250

"Based on the reputation and after-sales services, we purchased a welding robot from Valk Welding. The cell consists of a Panasonic TM-1600WG3 welding robot and a clamping table of 2500 x 1250 mm that is rotated 360 ° with a PanaDice 250 manipulator. This allows us to weld different workpieces in varying batches and dimensions and the welding robot can easily reach all positions within the workpieces."

Easily programmed

"For the programming and use of the welding robot, we have followed a training at Valk Welding in the Netherlands. After commissioning, our employees, specialized in welding, were trained for the use and maintenance of the welding robot.

We manage the programming of the welding robot easily with the well-known DTPS offline programming package from the office or directly on the robot by the operator himself."

"Our experiences with Valk Welding are very positive. Valk Welding is very professional in robotic welding for us and responds quickly to our requests and special requirements or repairs," Frédéric Demarche concludes.





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