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The supplier PEaPE METAL s.r.o., based in the South Moravian region in the Czech Republic, has established a long-term cooperation with Peugeot Motorcycles for the production of frames for motorcycles manufactured by Peugeot.

Owner Rudolf Peřinka: “We strive for one hundred percent quality. The welding robot system from Valk Welding plays a crucial part in this.”

Peugeot Motorcycles, a subsidiary of the French car company, produces small motorcycles for the European market. Peugeot is the oldest brand of scooters in the world and has a unique history of technological progress in the area of production.


Wide range of products

In addition to complete frames for Peugeot motorcycles, PEaPE METAL also manufactures components for agricultural machinery and lorries, parts for the electro-technical industry, metal furniture and brake cylinders for Tatra Karosa. Approximately 30 percent is exported to France, 15 percent to the Netherlands and the remainder is destined for the Czech market.

Use of welding robot is crucial

PEaPE METAL had six months in order to set up the production. In addition to new construction, it also involved new equipment, among which welding robots. “High and consistent welding quality is a safety requirement set by the manufacturer. It really has to be 100%. In order to safeguard this, the use of welding robotswas crucial. In the course of our orientation round we came into contact with Valk Welding at the trade fair MSV in Brno. A visit to Valk Welding head office in the Netherlands was the deciding factor for the investment in two H-3100 welding robot cells.”

Long-term cooperation

Rudolf Peřinka: “The cooperation with Peugeot is a long-term project, which we of course want to maintain. For this reason, we strive to exceed their expectations. We developed a new variant on the basis of the 3D models of the frames, the fabrication of which proved to be more efficient, cheaper and better to produce. True, we are a small company, but we have very clever people!”

More efficient process

Peugeot performed the welding of the frames in France with the use of Motoman robots. Rudolf Peřinka: “We set up the welding production of the frames according to our own insights. Ultimately, it turned out that using our method, we were able to achieve with two wedlingrobots what the French were doing with seven robots. The test frames were of good or even higher quality, after which we were able to begin the production of the frames.”

Welding robots from Valk Welding

The H-3100 welding robot cells have two stations that are located opposite to each other with working tables in a size of 3x1 metres, which are both operated by a TA-1800 WG welding robot. The PanaDice positioners are capable of handling 500 kg, while the frames weigh around 300 kg. The motorcycle frames on the 3x1 metres jig supports are welded in a single pass with the Panasonic weldingrobot. The same end result for which Peugeot required 7 welding robots.

PEaPE METAL is certified for the welding process in accordance with EN ISO 3834-2, which also applies to robot welding.

Complete technology from a single supplier

In the meanwhile, PEaPE METAL produces frames for the three different scooters made by Peugeot, the three-wheeler Metropolis 400, the SATELIS 125 and the SATELIS 400. In the near future several new projects will follow, for which investments will be made in additional welding robots. “In these endeavours, Valk Welding will be the exclusive supplier of the welding robot installations. The complete technology is delivered from a single supplier. The welding robot systems offer a high degree of flexibility and can be easily programmed. For us, the Valk Welding welding robot systems are simply an ideal solution,” Rudolf Peřinka explains.



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