Patrick Boers started five years ago with Boers Welding constructions.

Patrick Boers started five years ago with Boers Welding constructions. With a few orders from his previous employer, Patrick's company was fully up and running from the word go. But owing to a shortage of suitable skilled workers Patrick did not manage to make the step to increasing the manpower level. Shortly before the crisis he therefore decided to switch to automation with a welding robot. A Panasonic TAWERS welding robot is now his one and only faithful employee. Together they put together some eight hundred construction parts for agricultural machine manufacturer Lely Industries. Patrick also makes welding jigs and does welding and assembly work for several other companies.

Patrick Boers (27) invested in a Panasonic welding robot two years ago. Patrick: “Rather than starting with a used system, I opted straight away for the latest technology, a Panasonic TAWERS TA1900 welding robot with two clamping bays. That made it possible for me to weld products quickly and virtually spat-free. Valk Welding gave me some useful tips, was able to supply me with a complete system and took a flexible approach. Also, the user training in Alblasserdam was close to home. It's striking how well Valk Welding was willing to support even a small company such as mine."

Plasma cutting torch extension

BLM welds assembly plates onto tubular frames for Lely Industries. Lely delivered the tubular frames put together and cut to size. To make the feed holes the tubular frames were first placed under a processing station at Lely. Patrick discussed the matter with the client and identified ways of greatly simplifying the process by carrying out the cutting and milling work with a plasma cutter. For that reason Patrick had the welding robot extended with a plasma cutter head and a Kjellberg plasma cutting source. Patrick: "That makes it possible for me to cut the holes and shorten the tubes in a single operation. That yields a substantial cost saving and shortens the delivery time."

Extra long reach

Patrick opted for a robot with a long arm (1900 mm) in order to make use of the longest reach possible. "Next on my wish list is to install a manipulator in the working stations to provide an extra controllable axis in order to extend the reach even further."

Cutting tubular parts

Patrick Boers has identified many more applications for the plasma cutting robot. "Cutting a tubular frame at an angle delivers a virtually smooth cut - try to achieve that with any saw, you will not be successful." The robot is now spending half of its time on both cutting and welding work, but that is certain to increase. Patrick: "We've managed to reduce the production time for most of the parts we're now making. Not only by making smart jigs, but by carrying out as many operations as possible in a single operation so that we save a lot of handling work and tool changing times. These days Patrick regularly hires self-employed welders to get the work done and continue to achieve short delivery times.



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