The company is in a unique position thanks to the introduction of a Valk Welding welding robot installation and the fact that they have a machining department under the same roof.

Despite a high robot density in Sweden, the country has very few suppliers who use a welding robot for small series. The Swedish supplier Höganäs Verkstad is an exception though. The company is in a unique position thanks to the introduction of a Valk Welding welding robot installation and the fact that they have a machining department under the same roof. Höganäs Verkstad is now able to deliver certified welding work for small series with a high and consistent welding quality. CEO Dag Richardsson: “We can now deliver certified welding work at a competitive price. This way, we hope to bring work which is now done abroad back to Sweden.”

Höganäs Verkstad acquired an order for the replacement of trusses for road signs above Swedish motorways, because the existing constructions no longer meet the latest EU guidelines. Dag Richardsson: We were one of the few companies able to deliver these trusses in accordance with EN-1090. In view of the large quantities and the large degree of variation involved, we immediately started looking into the use of a welding robot. At that time, we had absolutely no experience with welding robots and it's peripheral equipment, the product was quite complex for robot welding. Thanks to the possibilities they offer for offline programming and weld seam detection, we quickly turned to Valk Welding. A reference visit to Henjo, another Swedish supplier, together with Valk Welding’s sales representative was decisive for us."

Easy programming
“When you use a robot to weld small series, the programming time must not be longer than the time needed to weld the product by hand. This requires an offline system, which is quick and easy to use. We believe that Valk Welding offers the best possibilities for offline programming. With DTPS, their offline software, it is possible to use the welding robot for a variety of series sizes. Partly thanks to the useful tools, the software takes over a lot of work from the programmer, so that even difficultto- reach positions can be programmed quickly and easily. Valk Welding delivered the welding robot installation, including the programmes for an initial series totalling 400 trusses. Valk Welding DK was very supportive during the starting period. After that first period, we were able to programme the variations ourselves,” explained Dag Richardsson.

Seam tracking
The Panasonic TM-1800WG3 welding robot moves along a 14 metre track. In combination with the manipulator, it has optimal access to every position on workpieces up to a maximum length of 12 metres. All the products are MAG welded. “A second important requirement we had was a quick and effective weld seam detection routine. As a result of the large number of variations and differences in tolerances, there was a large risk of the robot welding next to the seam. Valk Welding uses its own ‘Quick Touch’ wire detection system, which immediately alters the program for all the dimension deviations that are found. It is a perfect system, which causes the welding robot to follow the weld seam exactly,” says Dag Richardsson.

Looking for new business
“The production of the trusses is the first order for which we used the welding robot and we are now looking for new business. We can tap into new markets, which is good for the company’s growth. The fact that we have a
machining- and a welding-department under the same roof, makes us unique in Sweden and it allows us to deliver certified welding work of a high quality at a competitive price,” explains Dag Richardsson.


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