Valk Welding installed two arc welding robots at the Czech company ZK Žerníček Kovovýroba s.r.o., which is active on the market since 1991, when found by the current owner Josef Žerníček.

Till nowadays the business grew into middle sized company with 60 qualified employees. Main portfolio of the products consists of metal transportation pallets mainly for automotive industry. Due to interest of the management supported by strong market request the automation is one main targets being solved in the company. For robotisation of the welding processes one of the market leaders Valk Welding was chosen.

Start of robotisation
„In 2014, thinking how to effectively utilize European subsidy program, our first choice was welding robot “ say Petr Žerníček, sales director of ZK Žerníček Kovovýroba, “the fact we have bought the second robot twelve months after the first one, I think confirms the idea was good as well as the choice on Valk Welding as a supplier. We have been in touch with the gentlemen from this company already for some time before purchase of the first robot and realization of the project and now I can say this project just confirmed our choice was good” 

Constant quality with less manpower
Panasonic welding robots in Valk Welding robot systems belongs to one of the most advanced solutions in this field of technology. “We have automated in this way production of large as well as small series. We try to use robot for products with a lot of welds, where constant quality and the fact that the robot never forget any single weld is very appreciated. “ states Petr Žerníček, who also added, that one of other motivation to install welding robots is lack of qualified welders on the market, “It is like that, I personally do not believe that this trend will change, in near future the importance of new modern technologies will be only growing. We are ready” 

Simple concept robot systems
Two robots was installed in last two years in ZK Kovovýroba Žerníček. They are both Panasonic robots (TA1900WG and TL2000WG), both systems are similar two station concept, where products of max dimensions 3000x1200mm can be processed. Practice has shown that installation of Quick Touch sensor was perfect idea and was found not only helpful but also neccesairy.

Competence of the supplier
Satisfaction with quality and professional approach of Valk Welding expressed also founder and owner Josef Žerníček: „Of course every company starting with robotisation will face some troubles, which will pop up only when production is started, but especially then you will appreciate strong competence of the supplier, just as Valk Welding has shown during realization of our projects.“ Based on these successful projects of robotisation ZK Kovovyroba forecast further automation projects in their production. Petr Žerníček: ”We are looking for other markets than automotive industry. This year we plan to buy profile laser cutting machine, which will open for us further possibilities. In regard of welding robots we think about bigger installation, to allow us to procces larger products.” Most probably that will be the robot located on longtitudal track. Exact spec we will discus with Valk Welding. “

ZK Žerníček Kovovýroba – 25 years on the market
90% of production of metal pallets is exported from small town Štíty in region of Jeseníky mountains to Germany and other EU countries. Company do not produce only those pallets but also supply other components like metal jalousie, grids, baskets, frames, agricultural machines parts and other metal products in the facilities equipped with welding, cutting, machining, painting and assembly shops. www.kovozernicek.cz


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