Why is the Valk Welding Arc-Eye system so much more interesting than other laser tracking systems for robots?

Arc-Eye is a high-tech solution specifically designed for arc welding. Our Arc-Eye system has a unique type of laser, in combination with a special optics design that allows us to take a 3D image with a recording. Moreover, this system is not sensitive to reflections on aluminium and stainless steel, for instance. This ensures that the system "sees" the welding seam exactly as it is. The Arc-Eye laser sensor is also perfectly integrated into the Panasonic welding robot controller. Where conventional sensor systems only transmit data to the robot controller, Arc-Eye and Panasonic work together perfectly. If the product is not perfectly presented to the robot (e.g. with tack welds), the intelligence of the system, as well as the 3D information and robot motion will align optimally to obtain the appropriate torch position. This integration is unique and it is not possible with conventional systems. Arc-Eye is also fully developed at Valk Welding, which means that full responsibility for the project rests with Valk Welding.

The Arc-Eye laser cannot always be used for my products due to difficult access. Is there a solution available?

Yes. Unless you intend to buy an extension, the robot can push the Arc-Eye system temporarily to the side to be able to weld in places that are difficult to reach. Tolerances can also be covered with the Quick Touch system. Once finished the robot can pick up the Arc-Eye system again and continue to use it. The camera is put away without any extra cables required on the outside - everything remains compactly integrated in the hose package.