Is it difficult to programme a Valk Welding welding robot?

No, not at all. The Panasonic welding robot was specifically designed for arc welding, with the intention that anyone should be able to programme the robot.

Most programmers at our customers are also originally welders, but the standard robot also comes with a WELD NAVIGATION function to assist people that are less familiar with welding. With this function the robot suggests the appropriate welding parameters. The programming unit is based on Windows CE, it is very well arranged and everything is clearly displayed by means of uniform icons. If a customer should opt for the DTPS-line programming system there are a few further options available whereby robot programmes can even be designed automatically without the intervention of a programmer to provide you with the best solution available.

No matter what option you should decide upon, Valk Welding can provide you with a complete training package to ensure that you can enjoy optimum results from your investment.

If I should decide to buy a Panasonic robot at a later stage, will I have to reprogramme everything?

No, not necessarily. The unique calibrated robots at Valk Welding allow for the transfer of existing programs to your new robot via the DTPS offline programming system. Downward conversion is also possible, subject to a few conditions.