Hieronder ziet u een overzicht van de gebeurtenissen van Valk Welding in de eerste 50 jaar.

The first years

Valk Welding was established in 1961 by H.J.L. Valk. In those days, he introduced CO2 welding appliances on the Dutch market. In 1966, Valk Welding started automating the arc welding process. Ten years later, this first step towards automation was followed by welding robots.


Introduction welding robot systems
1978 in particular has been of major importance for the current success. In that year, the first welding robots were introduced in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Followed in 1988 by the introduction of the Panasonic robot systems. Thanks to these systems, Valk Welding developed into a market leader in the Benelux.


In 2001, the first big steps were taken towards internationalisation with the establishment of a daughter company in Denmark. From then on, things would proceed very fast, with one year later, an establishment in France and in 2004 an establishment in the Czech Republic. Besides the daughter companies in various countries, the robot systems are also sold in China, Ireland, Poland and Turkey. In 2005, Valk Welding is well on its way to become a major player in Europe.

45 Years in Welding


Chronological facts

1961 Incorporation of LAS Verkoopmaatschappij.
1963 Establishment of the agency for IDEAL NC welding machines.
1965 LAS Verkoopmaatschappij opened a branch in Belgium.
1966 LAS Verkoopmaatschappij started automating the arc welding process. Ten years later, this first step towards automation was followed by welding robots.
1967 In order to expand, LAS verkoopmaatschappij moved to larger premises in the Slachthuiskade, The Hague.
1974 First collaboration with welding wire manufacturer "CIFE".
1977 The first Unimation hydraulic robots were sold on the market.
1978 Besides the first Unimation robots, LAS Verkoopmaatschappij also delivered the first IGM robots.
1978 H.J.L. Valk acquired a 100% interest in LAS Verkoopmaatschappij.
1979 The company moved from The Hague to its current location in Alblasserdam.

1979 LAS Verkoopmaatschappij delivered the first hydraulic Unimation (welding) robot in the Netherlands to Kemi Riethoven.
1981 Via its daughter company Valk Inc., LAS Verkoopmaatschappij started selling robots in the U.S.A.
1986 LAS Verkoopmaatschappij celebrated its 25th anniversary and this occasion is used to change the name into Valk Welding.

1987 Installation of the 100th robot at Tijdink Metaalwaren B.V.
1988 Establishment of the Panasonic agency within the Benelux.
1989 Due to the explosive development of Valk Welding and the age of Henk J.L. Valk, Remco H. Valk took over the general direction of Valk Welding.
1990 The final breakthrough in the field of arc welding robots! Thanks to the enormous success at the Techni Show '90, the Panasonic welding robots definitely break through. The Valk Welding market share increased explosively to 75%. In that year, a total of 90 robots were sold.
1994 Remco H. Valk took over the total share capital of Valk Welding from his father H.J.L. Valk.
1994 Participation of Cees Wieringa in the Valk Welding organisation, he paid up a share emission of 25%.
1996 The DTPS off-line programming system at one of the purchasers. As first licence holder in the Benelux, Stork PMT in Boxmeer, started to use the program.
1997 First collaboration with Nachi (handling) robots.
1997 The 300th robot is sold to furniture manufacturer Marko in Veendam. Together with Z-Tech Products, Valk Welding delivered a large and completely automated production system with automatic welding, consisting of three welding robots with transfer system. The three robots reached a capacity utilisation of over 95%!
1997 Valk Welding moved to its new industrial premises, Staalindustrieweg in Alblasserdam.
1998 Valk Welding delivered its 400th robot to RoboWeld in Krimpen a/d IJssel.
1998 At New Holland (producer of agricultural machines) Valk Welding employes two Nachi spot welding robots. These Nachi robots produce parts for combine harvesters.
1999 Introduction of the 'plug and weld' robots; low cost welding robots that experienced buyers can install themselves.
1999 Addition of the Wire Wizard wire guiding products to the assortment. With the use of these systems the welding robots productivity was further increased.
1999 During the Welding Week '99, Valk Welding presented its first "Standard Robot Cell". Thanks to the very low cost level and short delivery time, Valk Welding was (and still is) able to market a very competitive and successful robot system.
2000 Valk Welding of the "Cube Wire", a cube formed cardboard packaging for welding wire, guaranteeing a faultless wire feed-through.



2001 Valk Welding celebrated its 40th anniversary and starts rebuilding its current premises to have more space for its Technical and Training Centre.
2001 Valk Welding of the agency for Panasonic hardware in Denmark; start of the activities in this country.
2002 Valk Welding expanded its assortment of solid welding wires with welding wires alloyed with high nickel for high quality connection and welding-on of parts with extreme thermal and chemical strain.
2003 Valk Welding France was incorporated for the delivery of both robot systems and welding wire for the French market.
2003 Valk Welding supplied robot systems to Thermo King China.
2004 Valk Welding introduced its handling robot department under the name "Valk Handling".
2004 Valk Welding CZ (Czech Republic) was incorporated.
2005 Via Valk Welding CZ, Valk Welding obtained a large number of East European orders, among which some very large-scale projects in Poland.
2005 Valk Welding introduces the Wire Wizard program. We have the distribution rights for West and Eastern Europe and Russia.

2006 Valk Welding expands with a new building also at the Staalindustrieweg. This building will be used for Engineering and Assembly. We moved into our new building in November.

2006 Valk Welding introduces the environmental friendly, ecological, bulk packaging through Europe: The Ecodrum!

2007 Valk Welding receives the Iso certificate in March 2007.

2014 Valk Welding launces their new pay-off: The strong Connection. Valk Welding is all about creating a strong connection between the supplier, the customer and the employees of Valk Welding.

2014 Valk Welding expands again at their site in Alblasserdam. SIW11 is the third building on site and is used completly for assembling the middle and large arc robot welding installations


2014 Valk Welding is also expanding throughout Europe. Valk Welding PL and Valk Welding DE are founded in 2014.
2015 Valk Welding Belgium exists 50 years. The anniversary is celebrated during the Welding Week in Antwerpen and during a Special VIP event.


2016 Valk Welding exists 55 years.