Turn your welding robot into a real welder

An ordinary welding robot simply does what it has been taught and, like a welder, does not look at the real situation itself. If we equip the robot with a seam tracking system such as the Arc-Eye CSS laser camera, the robot can perfectly detect the position deviations of the weld seam and adjust the robot's trajectory in real time. So does a manual welder.

However, in practice it is often not only that the position of the weld deviates, also the geometry of the weld can deviate. This can be due to a varying front opening, a deviating weld seam preparation, a deformation caused by the welding process itself. A small deviation can quickly lead to a volume deviation of 40% to 80%. This means that much more welding material is needed and probably also a different way of welding. A manual welder does this spontaneously, but a welding robot does not. Until today!

Building on the growing success of the unique Arc-Eye CSS laser camera, Valk Welding has developed a unique plug-in for this camera in which the welding robot can adjust the welding parameters in real time during the welding process, such as the welding current, the welding voltage, the welding speed and the pendulum movement. With this we turn the welding robot into a "welder" who continuously adapts to the real situation. In the future, the robot will also be able to scan a weld seam in advance to determine the correct filler pattern (the welding sequence in a multilayer weld). This technology is under development.

Another unique feature is that learning the right decisions can be done very intuitively using only a few test welds. In this way, everyone can teach their own robot how to react to deviations. You decide how you want to weld, only the welding itself is done by the robot.

This new development is backwards compatible on any existing installation with an Arc-Eye CSS camera. In total there are already about 150 robots equipped with this top technology and the number is only increasing.

The Arc-Eye CSS Adaptive Welding plug-in is, just like the other software developments of Valk Welding, fully developed in-house and will also be supported by our own employees in the future.

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