Internship / Graduation

Valk Welding is a recognised training company. Every year we have a few internships and pre-graduation spots available. Placement of an intern/pre-graduate depends on the nature, duration and guidance required with the assignment.

We expect a proactive and inquisitive attitude from interns/pre-graduates. From our side we offer a varied and challenging internship/pre-graduation spots in which we show you as many facets as possible within the relevant profession. Naturally we provide complete training and we keep in close contact with the educational institution. Internship or pre-graduation remuneration depends on your education and the nature of your internship/graduate studies.

If you are interested in an internship or pre-graduation spot within our company, please send the application to:

Valk Welding B.V.

Application form internship/graduation:
You can download the application form


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