Welding equipment

Valk Welding produces its own welding equipment for its own welding robot systems, complete with robot torches, "long life" cable management, patented Quick Touch wire clamping mechanism and the Quick Exchange safety holder. This unique total package makes it unnecessary to reprogram or correct existing programmes.

The advantages of the VWPR welding equipment are:

  • Calibrated components to ensure a correct center of the tool (TCP).
  • Quick Exchange (QE) of the torch.
  • All VWPR standard and non-standard torches are compatible with a standard VWPR safety holder to increase your flexibility.
  • Adjustable 3D pneumatic safety holder to prevent damage to your robot or welding torch in case of a collision.
  • Long Life Cable Management of the cable assembly.

Valk Welding Precision Parts

In 2019, Valk Welding in Nieuwegein started using the production facility Valk Welding Precision Parts in order to be able to produce their robotic torches and cable assemblies in-house from now on. Here, Valk Welding wants to expand the production to 500 to 600 robot torch systems per year and further increase the possibilities for the development and construction of special torches.

Now that we have the production in our own hands with Valk Welding Precision Parts, we can respond more quickly to the demand from the market for special solutions and make the impossible possible for you.

VWPR Welding Equipment

VWPR Welding torches

The VWPR torches have been specially developed by Valk Welding. Meanwhile, a complete line of welding torches for various welding processes is available as standard.
The VWPR torches are characterised by their accurate calibration. The calibration that is carried out as standard ensures a quick change of torches without the need for reprogramming.

Advantages VWPR welding torches

  • No more program corrections required when torch is change because of the calibrated TCP
  • Integrated pneumatic shock sensor
  • Easy quick changeable torch
  • Increased cooling capacity therefore very suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Essential for enabling offline programming and exchanging programmes between installations

The VWPR cable assembly

With the QE Quick Exchange cable assembly you have a very robust cable assembly with a longer lifespan which can be replaced quickly and easily due to the unique coupling system.

The major advantage of the Quick Exchange cable assembly is that only the cable assembly needs to be replaced. The shock sensor and torch remain on the robot, so that the Tool Center Point remains the same and reprogramming after replacement is not necessary. This results in an increased output of your installation.

VWPR safety holder

The VWPR QE safety holder plays an important role in realising the above benefits of the VWPR product line. It includes on one side the Quick Exchange connector for the cable package which makes it very easy to change the cable package without changing the Tool Center Point. On the other side of the safety holder, the Quick Exchange system for the torches offers the advantage that welding torches can be changed quickly and again without changing the Tool Center Point. Both sides of the disconnection ensure that checking and adjusting robot programmes is not necessary after replacing the welding torch or hose package.

Spare parts

Always your spare parts available on location at the welding robot. A specially selected case is available for all MIG/MAG and aluminium robot installations. In the case you will find all wear parts so you can have them immediately at hand without having to wait for the delivery time when you need them.



We strive to help you on your way but also to keep you on your way as good as possible. The welding robot installation contains some spare parts that need to be replaced preventively in order to guarantee an excellent result. In order to provide you, the customer, with the best possible service, we have several warehouses where the common parts are available from stock.

Service from regional warehouses

We are able to supply the most common spare parts quickly and from stock. We make use of strategically positioned regional warehouses in our branches in the Netherlands, France, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Own Research & Development department completely for the welding equipment

We invest heavily in the innovation of our own VWPR welding equipment. Our own R&D department has been making innovative developments for years to ensure that our VWPR parts last longer, can be used more efficiently and keep the total cost of ownership (TCO) as low as possible.

Own repair in house

Repairing the VWPR welding equipment yourself also offers enormous advantages in terms of innovation and development. Any malfunctions or defects are immediately taken into account in the further development of the VWPR welding equipment. In this way our R&D and service department have been building a strong innovative product for many years which you as a customer will benefit from.

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