With the sale and installation of more than 3800 industrial robots and a monthly delivery of more than 800 tons of solid welding wire, Valk Welding is rightfully among the largest independent suppliers in this field in Europe. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of robotic welding and welding technology, Valk Welding can offer total solutions that lead to strong productivity and efficiency improvements.

To get a good picture of our installations, you have to see them move, see them weld. We have made many videos over the years. Here you will find a selection of our top videos showing our arc welding robot solutions in different sectors.

arc welding

Total solution for unmanned production

In this video we show a total solution which we realized at our customer Meijer Metal (NL) in cooperation with the company Kumatech. Within this solution, four identical robot systems are automatically loaded and unloaded by Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs). The whole process is fully automated using software which is running on the Valk Welding ROSE server. This ROSE server is fed with data from the customer's ERP system ISAH. In combination with our software modules; Custom made Robot Software (CMRS), Shop Floor Control (SFC) and offline programming (DTPS), a production process is created that can run 24/7 with four robots and without any manual interference. Overnight the robots stay in production with the lights off and nobody present.

Welding of Sprinkler System

In this video we show you our Valk Welding Sprinkler System. The Valk Welding Sprinkler System provides a total solution for the production of sprinkler pipes. In this case the sprinkler pipes are transported from the existing shot blasting machine to our system. From there we create an endless tube process of cutting and welding the pipes in the desired length to avoid too much scrap, followed by the grooving of the pipes and give them an identification number. At the last stage we do the cutting the holes, automatic positioning of the sockets followed by perfect welding of the sockets. Because of the unique setup of this total solution a continuous production process can be acquired.

Welding of boat and tiny house trailers

In this video we show you the arc welding robot installation for the Dutch company Vlemmix. Vlemmix is a well-known manufacturer of boat trailers, machine transporters and tiny house trailers. In this video we show you the Valk Welding robot solution which operates at Vlemmix to enable them to meet the increasing demands of their products. In this robotic installation the complete trailers is clamped and welded in one cycle. This is done by four Panasonic arc welding robots who are working simultaneously. The large welding jig contains a complete assembled product which is transported into the welding station. Because of the unique carousel solution the welding jig can be fully rotated in a way that top and bottom of the product can be welded in one cycle.

Valk Welding compact FRAME-IT

In this video we demonstrate the arc welding robot installation for the Dutch customer Maref Metaalbewerking. Maref Metaalbewerking is a leading supplier of products, semi-finished products and complete structures. One of the arc welding robot installations that Maref is using for there automation of the welding process is this compact FRAME-IT system. This compact welding cell is equipped with a Panasonic welding robot and contains 2 workstations. The FRAME-IT also contains all, CE certified, safety components that can be expected from a high-end welding robot solution. With a working range of 1437 mm, a maximum load of 125 kg per station, an accuracy of ±0.08 mm and a total dimension of 3270 x 2300 mm, this can rightly be called a compact solution.

Welding of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV's)

In this video we would like to give you a unique look in how AGV’s (Automatic Guided Vehicles) are being welded with the robotic welding equipment from Valk Welding. The video shows you the different phases of this process. One Panasonic TA-1900WGH3 mounted on a X-Y-Z which is responsible for the reach of welding the 600 ton weighing AGV. The total welding length is 600 meters.

Welding of aluminium scaffoldings

This video shows an E-Frame arc-welding robot solution from the ASC Group in the Netherlands. The arc-welding robot is used for the welding of aluminum scaffoldings. With the E-Frame setup, two workstations are created next to each other in order to save footprint/floorspace. The scaffoldings are positioned in the adjustable hyper accessible welding jig which is equipped with an automatic clamping system to ensure that the product is clamped and positioned correctly. Because of the adjustable jigs, products with different dimensions can be welded in the same set-up. The applied welding process is the Panasonic Super Active Wire Process Alu with P-Mix Technology.


The people behind

Valk Welding is a family owned company which is specialised in engineering and assembly of arc welding robot systems. Valk Welding belongs to the market leaders in robot and welding technology in Europe.


Robotic welding at wielton

The company Wielton, from Poland, is one of the largest producers of semitrailers, trailers and trailer bodies. In this video the company shows what the flexible automation solutions has done for their welding production.

BMI Trailers

The BMI group in Northern Ireland has also discovered our unique solutions for the production of trailers.

Welding of semi-trailers for heavy haulage

In this video we show you an arc welding robot solution from Faymonville, Belgium. This arc welding robot installation is used for the welding of semi-trailers for heavy haulage. The robot installation exists out of two welding stations, one for welding of complete chassis and the other station is used for welding sub-asssemblies.

Welding of bus chassis

This video shows a YZ galllow with C frame manipulator for VDL Bus & Coach. This arc welding robot solution has a total system dimension of 13 by 8 meters. The arc welding system is equipped with Quick Touch Sensing and barcode scanning which enables to check the correct program matching with the correct product. For the switching of the products a special quick exchange system for the welding jigs was developed. The programming of the robot is done through DTPS offline programming software.


Management Information System (MIS)

This video shows the use of the Management Information System (MIS) for Panasonic arc welding robots. MIS is a Valk Welding software solution which monitors production in real-time using the robot performance, product data and welding data. With this information MIS gives insight in what happens with the robotic systems in your production. Companies with multiple welding robots in use will have an overall control up to management level regarding the performances of the different robots and quality of the produced parts. This data is not only useful to be able to adjust the process in time and increase efficiency, but also to record the welding quality per produced part. The dashboards are realtime available on different devices like a PC, tablet, smartphone,...

Meet our new facility in the Czech Republic

With this video we like to present our new facility in the Czech Republic. The new building offers space for offices, warehouse, demo center, technical center, training center and assembly with a total area of 3.800 M2. From here, Valk Welding takes care of the sales and service of welding robot systems for that region in central Europe. Early last year a start could be made with the assembly of welding robot systems and further expansion of training activities. The intention is that all projects for customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania will from now on be built in Paskov, CZ. With this video we like to give you a online tour of the new facility.


We like to think along with you in finding solutions for your (welding) automation, welding wires and welding accessories. We are looking for the connection and prefer to be a partner rather than a supplier.