The strong connection

Valk Welding develops and builds turnkey welding robot systems for small to medium production requirements and is your partner in all welding accessoiries.


Our story

Our commitment extends beyond technological advances; with the strength of three generations, we bring a unique personalised approach to the welding industry.

The strong connection

We are a family business with a passion for welding robot technology.

Valk Welding: proud, passionate and innovative.

We go for the innovative solution to your problem. We think along with you, so that together we achieve the best result. We supply all-in-one welding robot systems, but above all we offer solutions!

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The strong connection

Together we are strong and together we work on the optimal solution for you.

Our team consists of specialists who know what they're talking about, we go to extremes.

The software and research & development departments are constantly innovating in the field of hardware and software. In addition, we actively invest in new talent. We believe in the value of a family business. Even though this family has grown into a large family of 200 people. We look out for each other, listen to each other, know each other.

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The strong connection

We believe in a good long-term relationship, in a partnership you can build on.

With the whole team we are ready to help you further.

From the first offer to the implementation of your new investment and for years to come. With multiple offices in Europe, a team of specialists is always on site within 48 hours. We offer you clear added value in order to strengthen your competitive position and to guarantee and even further expand the continuity of the manufacturing industry in Europe.

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The strong connection

We believe in the power of your people combined with our robotic solutions.

By retraining your employees to become good robot programmers and good operators, both your company and your employees are ready for the future.

The strong connection is not only about the strong welding connection, but above all about the strong bond with customers, suppliers and employees.

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Technology partner in flexible arc welding automation and consumables




We are focused on a direct and fast service to customers. Our own service engineers, are available for you at all times. Should a problem occur and you need a mechanic immediately, they can be on site quickly. In addition, you can rely on the telephone helpdesk, 24-hour delivery of parts and consumables, regional service points and our own repair department for welding torches, cable assemblies and shock sensors.

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We like to think along with you in finding solutions for your (welding) automation, welding wires and welding accessories. We are looking for the connection and prefer to be a partner rather than a supplier.

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