About Valk Welding

With Valk Welding, we have created a wonderful company of which we are very proud of. Just think of the fact that in recent years we have supplied some 200 installations annually.

If we look back a bit further, in 1994 there were only 20 of us in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands. Until 2006 we worked together in one building. The communication lines were short. We hardly needed any structure and no process descriptions. With a lot of work ethic, motivation, improvisation and cooperation we delivered about 90 installations in 2006. At that time we were already building high-quality installations of which customers were very satisfied.

Our sales engineers were very successful in Holland and Belgium and the number of orders kept increasing. Gradually the building began to become too small. The growing number of employees as well as the continuous growing number of installations that we built didn’t fit in the space anymore. Nowadays there are five buildings in Alblasserdam and one in Nieuwegein. In addition to the head office in the Netherlands, Valk Welding has branches in France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden and Ireland.

Valk Welding DNA

Valk Welding DNA

Valk Welding, the strong connection. The strong connection is not only about the strong weld, but is also about the strong bond with customers, suppliers and employees.

Valk Welding is a proud and passionate family business. With a passion for entrepreneurship, for welding robot technology and for innovation. Valk Welding aims for the innovative solution to the problem of its customers. We think along with them, so that together we can achieve the best result.

The team consists of specialists who know what they are talking about. The Software and Research & Development department are constantly innovating in the field of hardware and software. Valk Welding actively invests in new talent, for example, interns are given plenty of space to research and further develop new technology. Valk Welding wants to offer its customers within Europe (and even beyond) a clear added value in order to strengthen their competitive position and thus guarantee and further expand the continuity of the manufacturing industry in Europe (and even beyond).

It’s in our DNA to put the customer’s needs first and build a long-term relationship together based on partnership. This is how we come to the best solution together, where we as a supplier can switch quickly and our customer doesn’t waste valuable time. We believe in a good long-term relationship, in a partnership you can build on. With the whole team we are ready to help our customers further. From the first offer to the implementation of your new investment and for years to come. With multiple offices in Europe, a team of specialists is always on site within 48 hours.

Valk Welding is working on a strong connection throughout the whole chain.

The Valk Welding dream

Valk Welding is a leader in innovative welding robot technologies, healthy in every aspect and preferred by customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

Core values

Core values

Proud with passion

Valk Welding is a proud family company. With a passion for the entrepreneurship, for welding robot technology and for
innovation. Many employees remain active for dozens of years.


In addition to a strong welding connection, we also create a strong connection with our customers, suppliers, employees and our surrounding.


With our Software and Research and Development departments, we are constantly innovating in the field of hard- and software. Because of the strong connection with education, Valk Welding actively invests in new talent with the latest knowledge.

Direct business with you as end-user

Valk Welding conducts business exclusively with end-users and does not work with intermediaries or local partners. All legal transactions are handled directly with the company's headquarters, which has the necessary insurance coverage and financial stability to bring your project to a success. The company's pay-off "The strong connection" applies to all of its operations worldwide, for both the project itself as the after-sales service.


We like to think along with you in finding solutions for your (welding) automation, welding wires and welding accessories. We are looking for the connection and prefer to be a partner rather than a supplier.