Welding automation

We go for the innovative solution to your problem. We think along with you, so that together we can achieve the best result. We supply all-in-one welding robot systems, but above all we offer solutions! Our solution consists of three components: the robot, the construction and a software package. Everything from one source and the ideal total solution for your company.

The strong connection

The Valk Welding team consists of specialists who know what they are talking about, we go to extremes. The software and research & development departments are constantly innovating in the field of hardware and software. Together we are strong and together we work on the optimal solution for you.
We believe in a good long-term relationship, in a partnership you can build on. With the whole team we are ready to help you further. From the first offer to the implementation of your new investment and for years to come. With multiple offices in Europe, a team of specialists is always on site within 48 hours. We offer you clear added value in order to strengthen your competitive position and to guarantee and even further expand the continuity of the manufacturing industry in Europe.

Get to know each other

First we would like to get to know you and your company, the products you make and the way the products are made. In addition, we would like to show you what you can expect from us. This acquaintance is the first step in a strong bond. Of course your wishes and needs play a key role in this.

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Bringing two worlds together

After the introduction it is time to bring the two worlds together. Your company with the current way of working and our solutions for (welding) automation will merge with our proposal to a production that is ready for the future. A future in which you will stay far ahead of your competitors.

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Developing together

Every project is unique and every project has its challenges. Together with you, we are strongly committed to developing or integrating the (new) technologies within your production. TThis may involve automating your production processes using both unique hardware and software. In this way you will achieve both the maximum yield and the highest quality.

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We remain

The cooperation between you and Valk Welding does not only consist of supplying a welding robot installation. The strong connection goes beyond that. Therefore, we will not leave and the project will not be completed before you can make optimal use of the automation solutions we offer. Loose ends do not exist.

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Building a strong future

The welding robot is running successfully and together we delivered a great project. As an all-in-one supplier, we are happy to continue building a strong connection even after delivery. By supplying consumables but also by providing excellent service and maintenance to your machines. As a technology partner, we always want to keep you up to date with the latest developments that are also important for your future.

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The robot

The robot

Panasonic robots are specially developed for the arc welding process in which all components and software are produced in-house. The welding robot, welding machine, control, wire feed, positioners and software are therefore optimally tuned to each other. And last but not least: together with Panasonic we take full responsibility for the entire project. With a welding robot from Panasonic and Valk Welding you get the best of both worlds. Ensure state-of-the-art industrial automation solutions. Welding robots from Panasonic have been the standard at Valk Welding since 1988. Valk Welding is Panasonic's European partner and from that role we continuously develop their welding robots, peripherals and software. We know every detail and ensure a seamless integration of your welding robot in your production processes.

Fully integrated welding robot solutions

Panasonic is the only robot manufacturer that focuses entirely on welding robots and that produces all components for these welding robots in-house:

  • Robot arm
  • Robot control
  • Robot programming software
  • Integrated welding power sources
  • Manipulators
  • Peripherals
  • Offline programming software

Panasonic TAWERS™ Series.

The Panasonic TAWERS welding robot series stands for "The Arc Welding Robot Series" and is the first and only robot system in the world that uses a single processor to fully digitally control both the robot and the power source. The 100 kHz inverter technology also offers unique possibilities with a wide range of diverse welding processes. With the WG and WGH robot controller, the Panasonic TAWERS™ series includes various robot models. The welding robots of the Panasonic TAWERS™ series enable you to influence important factors of your business such as quality, accuracy, flexibility and cycle times.

The construction

The construction

Valk Welding offers a wide range of 'standard' robot concepts. With competitive prices, modular designs and short delivery times, Valk Welding offers high quality flexible production solutions with these concepts. Valk Welding's engineering team develops concepts based on your requirements, aimed at achieving the highest possible production performance. Valk Welding has engineers specialized in welding automation and software development for customized welding and cutting robot systems. The assembly of all robot systems is concentrated in our own facilities, where training is also provided for your operators and programmers.

Frame solutions

Valk Welding was the first with mobile fully machined rigid frames as the basis of their systems. This not only reduces your set-up time (lower costs and less disruption to your production), but the entire system can be programmed in advance at Valk Welding and the start-up time in your facility is negligible for you. Moreover, optimising your production internally is very easy, as you can move the entire system yourself. Thanks to this development and our unique calibration system for robots, exchanging production between different systems or production plants is very easy and without reprogramming to start the production immediately. For you, this means huge time savings and uniform quality plus equal returns on all your robotic systems anywhere.

With more than 3800 installed welding robots and a monthly delivery of about 800 tons of solid welding wire.

Valk Welding

Track-frame solutions

Track Frames are equipped with a longitudinal track for the robot. This offers the perfect combination of the advantages of a longitudinal track (optimal accessibility and larger workpieces) and a frame concept (movable just like the frame solutions). The track frames can be machined up to 12 meters in one go. Optionally, both the counter bearing and the manipulator are freely adjustable along the length of the installation so that the size of the workstation can be easily adapted to the dimensions of your product or welding jig.

Track solutions

With the focus on 100% offline programming, our longitudinal tracks meet the highest quality requirements in terms of accuracy and long lifespan. This also applies to our multi-axle systems and also to tracks on the ground as well as in gantry version. With more than 40,000 meters of roadway already delivered, our customized standard concepts have proven themselves and we continue to work on higher quality and additional options.

You will discover a nice overview of the many possibilities in our brochure: robot-solutions-en.pdf


A software package

To get the most out of your robot installation, the interaction between man and machine is very important. Valk Welding has developed various software solutions that ensure both quick control of the robot and communication with your employees.

To enable the use of welding robots in small series and in single piece production, Valk Welding invests in the development of software modules. The programming and simulation software DTPS, developed in close cooperation with Panasonic, specifically for welding robots, also forms the basis for further automation of the programming process. We also have solutions for fully automatic programming of your parts with, among others, our Quick Programming Tool (QPT) and Automatic Robot Programming (ARP). With the development of Shop Floor Control (SFC) and our Management Information System (MIS), including full traceability, Valk Welding is responding to the further demand for Industry 4.0 solutions. You will discover more in our software brochure.

Robot + Software: 1 + 1 = 3

Eight different packages

The software and research & development departments are constantly innovating in the field of hardware and software. In total, Valk Welding offers eight different software packages. Below you will find a small list of five packages.
If you would like to know more about our software solutions, please download the brochure.

  • DTPS
    From your 3D CAD file of the workpiece you can program the robot(s) 100% offline without production downtime.
  • QPT
    As a macro language within DTPS, the Quick Programming Tools allow you to automate programming per se through variable parameters.
  • CMRS
    If you would like to get the data automatically from your server and completely automate the programming, we can provide you with a complete solution within our Custom Made Robot Software.
  • VR-Teaching
    Do you prefer manual programming, but no production downtime? Then the virtual world offers a solution with our VR (Virtual Reality) Teaching development in combination with VR glasses.
  • ARP
    Directly from a certain 3D CAD file to a complete robot program that can be put into production immediately? Automatic Robot Programming is the solution.
  • MIS2.0
    Registration and storage of the relevant production data plus reporting via dashboards. Full traceability is also a feature of this solution.
  • SFC
    Automatically organizing and controlling the robot(s) with the programs that have been created. Including chat functionality from the operators to the programmers.
    The robots are in production, but encounter differences between the theoretical design and the workpiece to be welded. The Arc-Eye CSS laser welding tracking cameras correct the programs in real time to compensate for deviations. With the additional optional Adaptive Welding plug-in, all welding parameters can also be automatically adjusted in real time to ensure the perfect weld.

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Welding Accessories

Valk Welding helps you from A to Z, we help you with your welding robot installation, but we also help you with your welding equipment. In more than fifty years Valk Welding has become one of the largest independent suppliers of welding consumables in Europe.

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We like to think along with you in finding solutions for your (welding) automation, welding wires and welding accessories. We are looking for the connection and prefer to be a partner rather than a supplier.