Welding wire

Valk Welding helps you from A to Z, we help you further with your welding robot installation. A welding robot cannot run without a welding wire. In more than fifty years time, Valk Welding has grown into one of the largest independent suppliers of welding wire in Europe. Every month Valk Welding supplies more than 800 tons of (solid) welding wire.

Welding Wire

Specialist in solid welding wire

As a specialist in the field of solid welding wires, you can contact us for a wide range of welding wires: from unalloyed Mig welding wires to highly alloyed welding wires. Valk Welding also supplies a very wide range of stainless steel and aluminium welding wires.

We supply welding wire with a constant, high (robot) quality at a competitive price.

The solid welding wires are available in:

  • Steel
  • High strength steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Nickel alloys

During the first tests with Valk Welding wire, it immediately appeared that the processing went more smoothly than what we were used to, so that we no longer had any faults.

Rainer Nau, Clemens Gmbh
Why Valk Welding wire?

Every month, Valk Welding supplies more than 800 tons of welding wire to companies in, among others, bodywork construction, transport industry, agricultural and vehicle industry, automotive and many others.

Valk Welding delivers most consumables from stock where possible within 24 hours, from Valk Welding's logistics centers in the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Valk Welding has become one of the largest independent suppliers of welding consumables from Europe.



Valk Welding wire is supplied in fully recyclable drums. In these drums the welding wire is rinsed in such a way that an absolutely torsion free wire unwinding is guaranteed. This limits wear and tear on the contact tip, allows a higher throughput speed and increases the accuracy of the wire positioning.
The welding wire from Valk Welding is available in all standard sizes, coil shapes and packaging units. All standard wire types are available from stock, as well as MIG and TIG welding rods.

Safety Data Sheets

Click on the link below to view the safety data sheets of our welding wire.

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