Wire feeding

Create an optimal connection between the welding wire drum (or the welding wire spool) and your welding robot with the Wire Wizard welding wire transport solutions and wire defects belong to the past. The extensive Wire Wizard program contains among others wire feeding systems for both spools and drums, wire feeding cables, quick couplings, ceramic feed-throughs, orbital arms, cones and lifting and transport products. In short: a complete range of components with which you can significantly increase the productivity of your robot. Valk Welding is the importer of Wire Wizard in Europe and beyond. Also robotic systems, not originating from Valk Welding, can be improved with these solutions.

Give us your worst performing welding cell. We will make it your best.

Wire Wizard

Wire Wizard is world leader in the field of wire feeding solutions. Started in 1985 by Elco Enterprises and in 1999 brought to Europe by Valk Welding. The Wire Wizard program offers with high quality products a total solution for all your wire feeding problems that are often the cause of welding problems. With a simple combination of products it is possible to gain 24 hours of production per each 6,000 kg of consumed welding wire by equipping your robots or handheld welding machines with a drum of welding wire, instead of a spool of welding wire placed at a variable distance.

The aim of Wire Wizard is to improve the productivity of welding robots and your hand welders. Our slogan:
"give us your worst performing welding robot and we will make it your best".

Detailed product descriptions and more information can be found at www.wire-wizard.eu.

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