Automatically program welding robots with ARP powered by Autocam

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Increasing the effectiveness of offline programming is an issue of great concern to both users and integrators of welding robots. After all, programming robots is time-consuming and there are too few operators to do this. Therefore, software tools are being developed that can automate that process. Valk Welding is now adding a solution to this with Automatic Robot Programming (ARP) powered by Autocam.

Automatic programming

ARP powered by Autocam was developed specifically for automatic programming of welding of profiles for steel construction and product families with many variations. Automatic programming here includes the welding process, motion planning including all additional axes, and simulation-based programming based on imported geometry and weld seam information. With ARP powered by Autocam, we now offer a higher level of automation. James de Villiers, robot engineer at Valk Welding, explains: ''Not only does this greatly reduce programming time, but it also greatly increases program output without the need for additional expertise.''

No in-depth knowledge required

All sectors of the manufacturing industry face a shortage of skilled workers, and certainly in the field of welding. While welding robots offer a solution to the shortage of welders, deployment of these robots requires people with specific skills. Therefore, an important requirement for new software tools is that users must be able to create robot programs without extensive knowledge. With ARP powered by Autocam, Valk Welding meets this requirement: ''Thanks to ARP powered by Autocam, suitable CAD data, a flexibly movable and calibrated robot and good accessibility to the welding seams are sufficient to automate the programming of welding robots,'' De Villiers states. Thus, with the right welding expertise, in-depth CAD and programming knowledge are unnecessary.

Cooperation for single pieces and variations

As a market leader in the field of flexible welding robot systems, Valk Welding has offered ARP for several years, but we are always taking further steps by cooperating with software partners. AUTOCAM Informationstechnik GmbH, for example, develops and supplies powerful software for programming and simulating industrial robots. This allows us to accommodate "High mix, Low volume" companies, where small series and many variations are produced.

To these companies, software tools that make it possible to automatically generate welding programs for robots are particularly relevant: "Products are increasingly produced on a customer-specific and order-by-order basis," robot engineer De Villiers explains, "Small numbers and even single pieces are no longer an exception. Then you don't want to have to create a separate welding program for each product.''



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