Accurate and continuous robotic welding with Valk Welding’s ARC-EYE laser camera

The ARC-EYE CSS (Circular Scanning Sensor) is a laser camera that tracks welds and records various parameters during robotic welding. The advantage? The camera corrects the robot's position in real time, improving both process speed and accuracy.

How does it work?

The ARC-EYE camera adjusts the robot torch positions based on any deviations within the circular scanning range. This eliminates the need for interruptions for reprogramming. We offer this solution as a hardware and software package for Panasonic industrial welding robots, with the option of the 'ARC-EYE Adaptive' plug-in.

What does the Adaptive plug-in add?

The adaptive plug-in detects material deformation, product and assembly tolerances and adjusts the welding parameters accordingly to ensure optimum welding conditions. This is particularly useful in robotic welding with very critical welding tasks and with multiple weld seams and layers, where distortion is more common.

Find out more

Are you interested in the possibilities of the ARC-EYE CSS for your welding production? Please contact us at info@valkwelding.com or via your trusted contact person within Valk Welding.

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