10 July 2020

We live and do business in a world which getís smaller every day. A world in which we can be on the other side within 24 hours, perhaps against our better judgement. Borders, especially in Europe, have hardly been a problem for the last 20 years.

The pressure is increasing to deliver high quality products in the most efficient way and at the lowest possible cost price. In addition, the ecological effects of, among other things, travel behavior and our way of producing are becoming more and more a point of attention. Companies are expected to assume their responsibilities and take action to anticipate these effects on people and the environment. It is therefore very important to do as much as possible in-house or to work with reliable partners.

This year we experience that closed borders, also within Europe, are possible. And that the availability of parts and components is compromised by production stops at suppliers. Our vulnerability has become very clear in a short period of time

But it can also be done differently.



The Research and Development department is an important pillar in creating a stable basis for our customers. Because we can develop parts for our robot installations ourselves, we can turn practical challenges into new developments. We can often improve the parts and therefore also improve the results of our robot installations. In addition, an enormous amount of technical knowledge is created which ensures that customers can always go for service and support locally.

Besides hardware, Valk Welding also develops software. The company’s own developments in the field of software now transcend the possibilities of factory software and ensure an even more efficient production process.

For example, the production process can be controlled and supervised remotely (across international borders) by developments such as the Management Information System (MIS 2.0). The further developed DTPS offline programming software makes programming just using a computer possible without interrupting production and without moving between different sites. We even automated the programming more with Quick Programming Tools (QPT). In addition, the Valk Welding Arc-Eye CSS laser camera automatically removes overcomes the latest last product tolerances. We also automate production across multiple workstations or welding robot installations with our Shop Floor Control (SFC) solution. Valk Welding is much more than just a system integrator, we are a technology partner for our customers.


Since 1961, Valk Welding has used the strategy to build an footprint within the local industry in Europe. Travelling between different branches worldwide is no longer so easy. The main difference on a global scale to produce somewhere else is in labour costs. To eliminate this difference, there is one solution: smart automation, up to and including single piece production. And as a partner in Europe, we are committed to this. The robot installation in itself is just one means, it is the whole complementary package of technological solutions around the installation that makes the difference. If in this profitable way we can do more in-house, or with local partners, we also contribute strongly to reducing our ecological footprint and strengthening our own social system. This is an important part of our responsibility. Moreover, we are building a strong industry that is less subject to takeovers outside Europe.

Our own growth within Europe has also started with this vision. Since the opening of our first foreign department in 1965, we have always worked on local resources. At the various Valk Welding branches, for example, we mainly employ local people from the country in question who speak the language and know the culture. This enables (potential) customers to contact us in their own language and we can quickly be on location for the necessary service and support. Even though the borders are closed.


So “The Strong Connection” is not just a pay-off for Valk Welding but is what we stand for. A strong connection with our customers, of course, but also with partners and suppliers. In order to be able to realize the strong connection with our customers, we must be able to rely on our partners and suppliers through good agreements.

A good example of this strong connection is the cooperation with our welding wire suppliers. Even in times when everything seems to come to a standstill, we can rely on our partners. Now that the economic engine is picking up again, we need plenty of consumables. The availability and quality of our products as a supplier will be an important factor in this.

A good logistics process, a large stock and a strong direct relationship with manufacturers is then essential. As a reliable supplier, we are able to relieve you, our customers, of maximum worries, a verb that today, more than ever, has a great deal of meaning. So do not hesitate to contact us.


Internally, too, Valk Welding has been reducing its dependence on specific colleagues and/or borders for several years through our own Valk Welding Portal. This VaWeP system guarantees continuity both for us internally and for the customer. The possible absence of a colleague or borders that are closed does not endanger any project. Everyone within Valk Welding is informed in real time about the state of affairs for each project. This ensures a very strong communication between the more than 170 employees who are active in 8 different countries.


In short, all these points form a very strong basis for us to continue working with you on the future in changing times. Whether it concerns service, unique technological developments or reliable supply, we can help you. With the current operational management we are there and we are there for you!

So “The Strong Connection” is not just a pay-off for Valk Welding but is what we stand for.


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