Valk Welding FlexZone.2
07 February 2020

The importance of flexibility in production systems is growing rapidly.

Traditional installations often have predetermined dimensions of the workstations. Because of sometimes larger products, people choose for the certainty of a larger installation at the expense of profitability.

An important part of the mandatory safety is the zone protection of a robot installation. This protection ensures that a fixed size of each workstation has to be chosen. Converting a workstation is cumbersome and usually unprofitable. That is why Valk Welding was looking for a solution in which the zone strips can move flexibly along with the movable fence.

The idea of the unique "Valk Welding Only" system is in a guided chain system where the chain forms a closed loop. At the height of the fence between the two stations, the chain is connected in a staggered way and this jump is recognised by the zone protection as the transition from one zone to the other.

The system is possible for robotic systems with 2 workstations on one side of the robot track.



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