LA-1800 Twin Harmonizer
13 March 2020

Panasonic has expanded its robot program with the LA-1800, a universally deployable robot.

With a payload of 26 kg, a range of 1801 mm and a maximum movement speed of 370 º/sec averaged over all axes, this new robot delivers the highest performance in this segment. For the first time, Panasonic offers a robot that can be used universally.


Twin Harmonizer


With the LA-1800 we can meet the demand for handling applications in combination with Twin Harmonizer and Stationary Tool Center point concepts. "The demand for jigless welding applications requires a robot that can communicate with the welding robot by software and therefore also with its power source. The control of the LA-1800 works simultaneously with the robot control of the TM/TL series of welding robots. This allows the LA-1800 to position the workpiece while the other robot is welding the workpiece.

In stationary tool center point applications, an LA-1800 robot holds a workpiece and positions it along a fixed welding torch. In this way, the wear of the hose package is also reduced to virtually zero and the wire feed is perfect. This is a huge advantage with thicker or sensitive welding wires.


stationary tool center point


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