New welding robots boost trailer production capacity at Hulco Trailers GmbH

Welding robot supplier Valk Welding has built up decades of expertise in trailer welding automation. This led to a long-term partnership with the well-known Anssems brand in the early 2000s, followed by collaborations with the Hulco brand. Hulco Trailers is part of the Anssems Group and focuses specifically on the professional market. Together with Valk Welding, Hulco is now realising a large project with three Panasonic robots.

Back in 1977, family business Anssems started producing trailers for general use. Hulco Trailers follows the same path, but focuses specifically on the professional user. To ensure the operational safety and quality of these trailers, a highly reliable and consistent welding process for the chassis is required. Three brand new Valk Welding robots guarantee this and work continuously, without waiting times for loading and unloading jigs.

New welding line

The setup of the triple system is a replica of what Hulco Trailers and Valk Welding have implemented before: three TL2000WG3 Panasonic welding robots, each with a longitudinal track for easy movement, two workstations and a PD1000IV positioner for Hulco's heavy workpieces. With this, Hulco is once again expanding its production capacity. In addition to these new robots, they have also invested in a more compact Valk Welding FRAME-H concept to streamline the production of smaller parts.

Programming from behind the desk

Thanks to the welding of recurring products, Hulco spends less time programming its robots. But to create even more efficiency, the originally Dutch company now also uses DTPS, Panasonic's offline programming system. They report: “Although any new software obviously takes some getting used to, in the end it is efficient programming and works well.”

Welding expertise for trailers

Valk Welding and Anssems, manufacturer of high-quality trailers, have a lot in common. Both family-owned companies have been in business for more than 45 years and have built a strong reputation through a commitment to quality and innovation. Valk Welding, for example, is known for its extensive experience and knowledge of automation in the trailer industry in which Anssems operates, as well as in high-mix, low-volume regimes.

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