Robotic welding of crane components possible with Valk Welding

Welding automation of high mix, low volume production can be complicated, especially with large workpieces. For these companies, Valk Welding has developed a special welding robot system, suitable for crane components up to 25 metres long and 20 tonnes heavy. In our new demonstration video, you can now see this system in action at steel component supplier Vlassenroot.

Technical capabilities

The 12-axis robot welds crane components made of high-strength steel on two workstations. Our ARC-EYE laser camera provides real-time weld seam tracking and corrects deviations in both positions and welding parameters. In addition, the system controls automatic torch cleaning and wire changes. Robot programming is entirely offline, which simplifies the production of small series and single pieces.

Interested in an installation of your own?

We would be happy to create a similar installation that is optimally tailored to your production needs. As such, we are your partner in welding large products for offshore, heavy transport, heavy engineering and more. Many additional options are available, such as our special robot torch with fume extraction. Contact us at info@valkwelding.com to discuss the possibilities.



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