Robotic welding of industrial plastics

In this new video we show our automated solution for welding of plastics, developed for our client Kemeling Kunststoffen from the Netherlands.

In recent years, we have used our knowledge of the welding process in the metal industry to create a solution that enables automation within the plastics welding industry.

The video shows a flexible to use gantry construction that allows a wide range of products to be welded using a Panasonic welding robot. These products can vary in length, height and depth thanks to this solution.

In this case, the Panasonic welding robot is equipped with a Munsch extruder, controlled by the robot controller.

Watch the video below to see the welding robot in action.

Kemeling Kunststoffen

Curious about Kemeling Kunstoffen their story and their search for an automation solution for plastic welding?



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