Total solution for unmanned production

In this article we present you our latest video and you can find a link to the article from our latest edition of the Valk Mailing in which the customer speaks.

In this video we show a total solution which we realized at our customer Meijer Metal (NL) in cooperation with the company Kumatech. Within this solution, four identical robot systems are automatically loaded and unloaded by Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs). The whole process is fully automated using software which is running on the Valk Welding ROSE server. This ROSE server is fed with data from the customer's ERP system ISAH. In combination with our software modules; Custom made Robot Software (CMRS), Shop Floor Control (SFC) and offline programming (DTPS), a production process is created that can run 24/7 with four robots and without any manual interference. Overnight the robots stay in production with the lights off and nobody present.

Watch the video next to this.

Curious about the story of Meijer Metal and their search for automation? Click below for the full article from the recent edition of our Valk Mailing

Article Meijer Metal:



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