Valk Welding consumables for arc welding

Besides advanced welding robots and software, Valk Welding also supplies various welding consumables, from solid MIG welding wire and TIG rods to wear parts and frictionless wire feeding systems. In our new video module, we shine light on our consumables departments.

Personalised consumables

In-house, we produce standard and customised robot torches, sets of wear parts and other mechanical parts. This allows us to be an all-in-one supplier for you, serving as a single point of contact for your entire welding process without third-party involvement.

Specialist in solid welding wire

As one of the largest independent welding wire suppliers in Europe, we offer a wide range of welding wires for light to heavy-duty applications. Our welding wires are available in different alloys, materials, spool shapes, packaging units, and in all standard sizes. Large quantities are readily available from our stock.

Friction free wire supply

With the Wire Wizard product line, we make your welding wire supply smooth and durable. Flexible wire cables, special modules and other various combinations eliminate friction throughout the entire route, even in bends of up to 180°. The Wire Wizard products can be seamlessly combined, allowing for continuous wire feed over very long distances, among other possibilities.

Would you like to learn more about our consumables? Contact us at info@valkwelding.com or visit our consumables page here.



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