Valk Welding has only one welding robot manufacturer: 35 years of Panasonic

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of cooperation with supplier and welding robot manufacturer Panasonic, the CEO of Valk Welding visits the headquarters in Japan and signs an important strategic agreement. This demonstrates a strong partnership, one that allows us to offer our customers reliable total solutions for welding automation.

Across the Asian world, Panasonic Japan is dominant in welding technology. Since 1988, we have been doing business with the welding department in Osaka, where our welding robots are built. Thanks to this long-standing cooperation, we offer customers more than individual products; we supply all-in-one welding robot systems. This means that all components and software, which we develop completely in-house, are optimally matched to Panasonic's welding robots and the customers’ requirements. This makes our systems effective in use and suitable for the most complex customer projects.

Reliable without failures

Panasonic and Valk Welding share the philosophy that fault-free welding robots should always be available for your production process. Therefore, as a customer, you will receive a complete installation that is reliable and can run virtually trouble-free. Remco Valk, CEO at Valk Welding, emphasizes: ''Thanks to the high reliability of Panasonic robots and the availability (uptime) of our systems, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of our welding robot installations is often below 2% of the purchase price.'' Because everything Valk Welding subsequently adds to the robots, including the software, controls, wire feeders, and manipulators, also carries the same philosophy.

Innovative automation

Besides a vision, we also share expertise with Panasonic in the field of automation technology. By mutually exchanging this knowledge, we offer customers increasingly advanced systems. For example, in close cooperation with Panasonic, we developed the programming and simulation software DTPS, specifically intended for welding robotization. ''It's not just a supplier-customer relationship, it's a very intense relationship,'' concludes the CEO, ''and the most high-profile example of this is that we won the so-called cross-value award in 2021. This award is given throughout the Panasonic organization to the person who has achieved the most advanced software development(s).''

By now they have become more than just suppliers; they have really become friends, where, of course, a business relationship prevails.

Remco Valk, CEO Valk Welding


Because both Panasonic and Valk Welding manufacture product components in-house, we offer a very steady supply without intermediaries. ''We have as few suppliers as possible, except for those components that fall outside our range. A complete robot falls outside of this scope. Virtually all other components are now our own products: mechanical components, welding torches, hose assemblies, shock sensors.'' So at Valk Welding, one buys complete installations from one party, for which we, in turn, have a reliable supplier’’.



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