Valk Welding welding torch with integrated servo driven wire motor

Specifically for the Super Active Wire process, Panasonic has developed a torch with integrated servo-driven drive unit where control via the unique Tawers platform is done by the same CPU as the robot and power source. The distance between the drive motor and the arc is reduced to the absolute minimum ensuring very high arc stability.

In order to meet the higher demands that Valk Welding places on welding torches, we develop and produce our own calibrated VWPR torch line including calibrated shock sensors and "long life" cable assemblies.
With the new VWPR QE SERVO PULL III welding torch we combine Panasonic's technology with the very high quality of our calibrated VWPR torches to combine the best of both worlds into a very high quality welding torch with numerous advantages.

With the servo technology used, the Servo Pull III excels in reducing spatter (up to 99% less). In addition, thanks to the Super Active Wire Process, there is less heat input into the material, making it possible for the Servo Pull III to better weld thin-walled plate material. The basis of the Servo Pull III is identical to that of the Valk Welding Servo-TIG solution, enabling the customer to weld both SAWP MIG and DC TIG if desired.

The Servo Pull III can be used for steel, stainless steel and aluminum.



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