Valk Welding wins the Panasonic Cross-Value Award

The Panasonic Cross-Value Award is an award given over the complete worldwide Panasonic Group.

Product awards are given to products that have contributed to the enhancement of corporate value and the creation of new businesses, as well as the realization of the Panasonic Group's management policy through the development and improvement of products, systems, and services.

Panasonic Connect put forward innovative products that are expected to maximize customer value and increase profits by combining internal and external strengths. Panasonic Connect (welding and robots) applied for and won at Bead Eye with the Valk Welding VRPS (Virtual Robot Programming System) development. In 2021, only two CV awards were given to the Panasonic Group.

The jury granted us this award because:

  • It is valued as a new innovative development for the pre-welding process.
  • We proved that we grasped the bottleneck from the customer's point of view, by expanding the area around the pre-welding process, and created a new solution ahead of other companies by combining our strengths in welding technology with our strengths inside and outside the company.
  • VR technology acquired by cross-value are expected to be applied in other fields and applications.

As Valk Welding we are very proud of this award, and we see it as a reward for our very strong innovation, and an incentive to continue to develop in order to be able to serve our customers with unique developments in the future.

Due to travel restrictions, the physical presentation of the award took place in Tokyo last week where Remco Valk received the award from Mr. Mikihiro Sugimori, general manager of Panasonic Connect Co. Ltd.



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