Valk Welding wire in demand!

While the economies in Europe are recovering from the Covid-19 lockdowns we are seeing a significant increase in the demand for our welding wires. Year to date our welding wire volumes have grown by 50% to a record of over 750 metric tons per month. The growth in the demand for welding wire is coming from new customers that have come on board and existing customers with substantial higher demand.

Demand in welding wire grows with substantial higher levels in global steel consumption. This demand is close to outpacing the production capacity of the steel mills. The laws of “supply and demand” dictate that in this environment the prices should go up and availability should go down, which is exactly what is currently happening. Valk Welding show its strength in this environment! Due to The Strong Connection with our suppliers and customers we are able to keep a balance in our service levels even though supply can sometimes be tight.

Our growth in welding wire volumes is seen across all customer types and wire grades. With over 750 metric tons each month, we move very significant volumes. This is the equivalent to 34 fully loaded trucks that arrive each month at our warehouses and a multitude of this that leaves our warehouses! All this needs to be booked, scheduled, offloaded, stored, loaded, and administrated.

It is obvious that this requires significant efforts and improvisation from our logistics team. In addition, the cooperation between our various entities is such that collectively we have been able to meet all the challenges that have been thrown at us.

To this point we have been able to plan our deliveries to our customers such that there is no interruption in production, which was not a simple task.

The aforementioned are prime examples of “The Strong Connection”!

Looking forward we expect a continuation of our strong performance in welding wire in the second half of 2021. We will further expand wire sales in the geographies we serve with robots while we continue to strengthen and support each other as we did in the first half of this year!



We like to think along with you in finding solutions for your (welding) automation, welding wires and welding accessories. We are looking for the connection and prefer to be a partner rather than a supplier.