Offsite Teaching powered by VRPS

Offsite Teaching powered by VRPS stands for Virtual Robot Programming System and was designed by Valk Welding. In combination with the Panasonic welding robots, Offsite Teaching provides an entirely new method of robot programming.

The basic idea of Offsite Teaching is that a movement is made with a virtual handheld torch that forms the basis of the robot program, which is then perfected and executed by the robot. Offsite Teaching is thus the first system in the market to combine the simplicity of positioning through VR with the high-end technology of an industrial welding robot and offers a unique solution within the system for accommodating inaccuracies. This sets Offsite Teaching apart from all other systems in this segment. Programming an industrial robot thus becomes very easy, making the work lighter and cleaner. In addition, programming products is also lightning fast since finetuning is completely unnecessary. The user does not need any knowledge or experience in programming robots. Programming a single product is so fast that it always pays to automate the process. So even for those products where only one of them is made and not worked out digitally in a CAD program, Offsite Teaching is the key to Smart Industry. Offsite Teaching is thus the answer to the demand for single-piece-flow and first time-right production.



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