We proudly present our brand new Valk Mailing 2023-1

We would like to inform you of our latest edition of the Valk Mailing. In this edition, we would also like to keep you up to date on our recent projects and technical developments.

In this edition of the Valk Mailing, you will find interesting articles about some recently delivered projects, including the welding robot installation for LAG Trailers in Belgium. Since the delivery in 2022 of the second welding robot, the production time at LAG Trailers has been halved. We at Valk Welding are very proud to contribute to such successes of our customers.

Furthermore, in this edition we share, among other things, our latest developments in the field of the ARC-EYE CSS system and the Adaptive Welding plug-in. With this Adaptive Welding plug-in, the ARC-EYE CSS laser sensor recognises the seam shape and automatically adjusts the welding current, welding voltage, welding speed and pendulum movement in the welding program accordingly. Workpieces with larger and more irregular tolerances can therefore now be welded robotically.

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