Improved welding quality thanks to the use of welding robots

Mazurek Metal, a Polish company that manufactures a wide range of products, including conveyor systems for companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries, decided to invest in a welding robot to be able to deliver products with high quality welds that look nice. The company gained its first experience four years ago with the installation of a Valk Welding welding robot with two workstations and offline programming. This investment became the steppingstone to a second, identical welding robot installation, enabling Mazurek Metal to deliver to customers with high demands on welding quality. “We owe the growth of the company to our investments in new technology and new machines,” - says owner Janusz Mazurek.

Mazurek Metal

For the company with 130 employees, including 35 welders, the welding robots are a perfect complement to the high-quality machine park, consisting of Bystronic and Salvanini sheet metal lasers, a BLM tube laser and Safan and Amada press brakes. Partly thanks to the high accuracy and efficiency made possible by these machines and the expert knowledge of its employees, the company enjoys the trust of a large number of regular customers. “This has resulted in several long-term orders for, among other things, parts for conveyor systems, steel stairs, platforms, and steel structures. All these products are welded exclusively by hand, for which there is sufficient capacity and welding knowledge in the company. However, a new customer from the pharmaceutical industry required a higher visual weld quality with a constant, high repeat accuracy. You can only achieve that by welding with a robot,” says Janusz Mazurek.

High demands

“Partly because of positive experiences from our customer Marel Stork and after talking to several welding robot integrators, we presented our requirements to Valk Welding. In order to weld the stainless steel and steel parts in a high welding quality, it was necessary to be able to weld both TIG and MIG with one welding robot system, in order to achieve maximum versatility of the installation”. In addition, offline programming was an important requirement for Mazurek Metal.

Welding robot on FRAME-H concept

Valk Welding delivered a standard welding robot solution, consisting of a Panasonic TM welding robot on a torsion-free and movable H-shaped frame concept with two workstations. That concept offers the advantage that both welding robot, as well as control, clamping tables, manipulators and shielding can be delivered and moved as a complete system. After the operators and programmers were trained in the Valk Welding Technical Centre, the first products could immediately be programmed and welded with the robot.

Constantly nice weld image

Since the installation of the first robotic welding system in 2018, all products for the pharmaceutical industry are now welded with the robot and the welding quality and appearance are the same with each product. This resulted in further orders for the company, after which a second identical installation was purchased in 2021.


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