1000 Panasonic dtps offline programming systems in daily use

With the commissioning of the 1,000th official license, Panasonic DTPS is by far one of the most widely used solutions in Europe for offline programming of welding robots.

Together with the Valk Welding calibration system, DTPS forms a complete solution for welding from small series to single piece production with robots.

The first generation of robots were programmed using a programming unit (teach pendant) to the robot itself. Despite the fact that the Panasonic welding robots were already far ahead in terms of simplicity and speed, there was also a demand for the possibility of programming the robots offline, from a PC. The advantage is that the production on the robot does not have to be interrupted for programming.

After the introduction of the first version of DTPS (Desktop Programming and Simulation Software) in 1995, Valk Welding took the strategic decision to develop the software for small series production in Europe. While Panasonic focused on the development of the software, Valk Welding developed its own calibration system, which is still an important key to the success of the offline programming system.

The ultimate challenge of 100% offline programming has already been taken up and successfully completed several times. This means that programs are blindly sent to the robot and go into production at full speed without control.



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