Explore the new Valk Mailing: logistics automation, customer stories and more

It is that time again: a new edition of Valk Welding's semi-annual publication, the Valk Mailing, is landing on doormats in various countries. What does this edition have in store?


An overview of the content:

  • Entrepreneurial tips from the 77-year-old successful CEO of the Hammar Group.

  • A detailed explanation and customer case on our options for a 100% automated production process with welding robots and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

  • The vision behind our VWPR torch with welding fume extraction.

  • Advantages and prospects of ARP in the world of subcontracting.

  • An update on our largest system ever, with a track as long as 82 metres!

  • Interesting customer stories about the robotic welding of truss beams, trailer bodies, Kubota tractor cabins, excavator buckets and vehicle containers.

And much more!

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