One processor for complete control of welding robot AND power source

Welding robot supplier Valk Welding provides complete Panasonic welding robot systems with a globally unique feature: both Panasonic welding robots and power sources are controlled by a single processor!

Avoid third parties

Choosing a welding robot system from Valk Welding? Then you do not need to invest in an additional control system, e.g. for the power source. This offers many advantages and pushes the boundaries of welding technology by making possible what previously seemed impossible.

Cooperation down to the last detail

Since 1988, Panasonic welding robots have been the standard at Valk Welding. This partnership is not only long-lasting and close, but also includes important, close cooperation. Together we think about the most efficient system integration at Valk Welding and co-develop Panasonic's DTPS programming software for welding robots. The development of our own ARC-EYE system is also fully aligned with Panasonic. As a result, we know our systems down to the smallest detail and take full project responsibility without question.

Benefits of the Panasonic TAWERS™ welding robot series

Unique digital control:
The first and only robot system in the world to offer full digital control of both robot and power source with a single processor. This pushes the boundaries of welding technology.

Advanced technology:
High-performance 100kHz inverter technology offers unique capabilities for multiple welding processes in a single power source. Newly developed welding processes require only a software update and you have the latest welding technology.

The system increases control over quality, accuracy, flexibility and cycle times. Even the wire drive motor is a servo motor controlled by the robot. As a result, wire feed and waveforms work together perfectly.

Fully offline programmable:
Because everything is ‘one’, the entire welding technology can also be programmed offline. The robot only needs one program containing all parameters. A single point of control!

Curious about our automation solutions?

Contact us at info@valkwelding.com or view some of our realised projects here.

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