V.M.T. is modernising their robot park: "Now also efficient for small series"

With an annual production of around 3,000 different metal products, the welders at supplier V.M.T. are kept busy. It is a shame, therefore, that their current welding robot installation is only used for a limited number of pieces and series work. V.M.T. felt it was high time to replace their first Panasonic robot, which had served them well for many years, with a new, state-of-the-art welding robot solution from Valk Welding. "We are going all in", they say with determination.

Getting to know the possibilities

After a visit to Valk Welding in Alblasserdam, Thomas Straetmans (co-owner of V.M.T.) was impressed by all the new possibilities in robotic welding. "The increased speed, offline programming via DTPS, the Touch Sensing system and the ARP automatic programming software have all proved to be very useful", he says. With these improvements, V.M.T. can use its new robot more efficiently, and even robotic welding of small product series becomes worthwhile.

First steps

V.M.T. has decided to replace its old robot model with a new and advanced Valk Welding FRAME-H concept, which will soon weld more than sixty recurring stainless steel, steel and aluminium products. This begins with the transfer of all existing programs to the TL1800WG3 SAWP Panasonic welding robot, which V.M.T. can easily do using the ARP software. This software detects welds within 3D CAD files and automatically generates a finished robot program. By training their welders through Valk Welding in both DTPS and ARP, V.M.T. aims to gradually increase the number of products by another hundred in the near future, while the welders and programmers become familiar with the technology.

We followed a complete training package and it was great. It was comprehensive and we were able to program some of our products ourselves.

Thomas Straetmans, co-owner of V.M.T.

Robotisation is the way forward

V.M.T. decided to use a Valk Welding welding robot again because of the shortage of well-trained staff and the need for consistent quality. Thanks to a strong partnership with Valk Welding and a reliable welding robot, the company can ensure the quality and consistency of every weld (including its 3m long welds) without the risk of human welding errors. This is crucial in the precision metalworking sector in which V.M.T. operates. The improved consistency will also help to prevent metal deformation. In the coming period, V.M.T. will be working hard on programming and will stay in close contact with Valk Welding, with which it hopes to be in full production with its latest acquisition as soon as possible.

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