Valk Inconel 625 welding wire contributes to a greener environment

Burning household garbage (waste) to generate electricity is a significant contributor to a better environment and a good alternative to putting waste in landfill projects as done for decades. Generating electricity by burning waste is done in so called “waste-to-energy installations”.
However, a highly corrosive (oxidation) environment at extreme temperatures is formed when burning a mix of paper, plastics, yard waste, and products made from wood. That is why these waste-to-energy boilers contain a layer of a special high alloyed material on the inside called Inconel 625
Inconel 625 is an expensive but widely used nickel alloy that is very suitable to withstand hostile process environments.

Several long standing Valk Welding customers have specialized in applying a fresh layer of Inconel 625 during the maintenance period (shutdown) of these waste-to-energy boilers throughout the world.

Many companies can provide this wire; however, when it comes to supplying large project quantities a Strong Connection in the supply chain is required.
Valk Welding has nurtured this Strong Connection over time by offering flexibility, responsiveness and creativeness.
Valk Welding plays a crucial part in the logistics and planning of shutdown projects.

For contracted customers we keep significant stock for unscheduled shutdowns when crews are rushed in to get a installation up and running again and provide power to the people.

Electricity from waste-to-energy will become increasingly important as this allows for a fully circular economy where waste is not wasted.



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