Rosenbauer is leading manufacturer of firefighting technology

Rosenbauer is the world’s leading manufacturer of firefighting technology for defensive fire protection and disaster management. The company develops and produces vehicles, extinguishing technology, equipment and digital solutions for fire departments, as well as systems for preventive fire protection.

The listed family company is in its sixth generation and has been in existence for more than 150 years. In Mogendorf (Westerwald), Rosenbauer produces, among other things, sprinkler systems and pipes for water extinguishing systems. Tore Novak and Ralf Freitag manage Rosenbauer Brandschutz Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Rosenbauer International AG.

“When we decided in favor of independent prefabrication, in addition to a fully automated production line, the compactness of the plant and the associated low space requirement were extremely important,” explains Tore Novak, technical managing director. In the project-related production of sprinkler pipes, steel pipes in nominal sizes from DN 25 to DN 250 are processed. “The decisive factor for choosing a Valk Welding production line, apart from the good advice, was also the will to implement all our technical specifications. In our case, it was necessary to be able to produce the sprinklers completely automatically and according to individual requirements,” says Tore Novak.

The main points of automation are:

  • The pipes are automatically transferred from the blast machine
  • Transport for joining and cutting to the required pipe length into the plasma cutting and MAG welding station
  • Then the automatic grooving/grooving for pipe couplings
  • Automatic robotic welding station for couplings, spigots and covers. Including handling, material logistics and order processing (software).

“In addition to solid welding technology, communication with our order processing was also important to us,” says Ralf Freitag. “We produce to customer specifications and pick the sprinkler pipes depending on the customer or construction site. We can independently change the software programming of the products, but also the interfaces to our internal system. This flexibility is important for Rosenbauer,” he said.



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