MIG II torch multiplies consumable life

To assist customers in reducing maintenance costs, Valk Welding designed and produced the new MIG II robotic welding torch in 2022. The torch’s lifespan and welding quality exceed that of previous models, which has already resulted in enthusiastic responses from its first users.

Our in-house-developed VWPR MIG II torch is specifically designed for robotic welding, with which we want to focus on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is because the use of similar welding torches often comes with high maintenance expenses. Valk Welding’s MIG II provides a solution: significantly less maintenance is required due to the decreased number of consumables that the torch contains.

Extended lifespan

Furthermore, the consumables of the new torch last many times longer than previous models. For example, the MIG II torch extends the lifespan of your contact tips by cooling the tip holder multiple times. This reduces wear on the contact tips, resulting in substantial TCO savings on robotic welding torches. Companies that were able to test the torch experienced a lifespan extension up to five times longer than before.

Easy maintenance

Operators can replace the consumables separately without having to disassemble the entire torch. For instance, when switching products, you can easily unscrew and replace the gas nozzle yourself using universal mounting.

Improved welding quality

As a customer, the benefits extend beyond just the lifespan and replacement of consumables. The Valk Welding torch also offers a higher, consistent welding quality compared to its predecessors. The unique design of the MIG II, where the gas supply is completely separated from the welding wire, improves the weld appearance thanks to optimal pure shielding gas. Additionally, Valk Welding produces all torch components in-house, allowing us to monitor the entire welding process and make necessary adjustments for you when and where needed.


Valk Welding also manufactures special torches to equip your welding robot with a more complex range. Where required, we offer the MIG II Compact, a gas nozzle that works in combination with a short contact tip in very tight spaces. If you are interested, please contact us at info@valkweding.com or reach out to your trusted contact person within Valk Welding.



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