Robotic welding of aluminum tank containers

For the robotic welding of aluminum tank containers, LAG Trailers N.V. has chosen the automation solution of Valk Welding.

This solution includes a robotic installation with a gallows construction, where the aluminum tank containers are placed between two manipulators. The suspended robot then executes the program, giving it full access to the product.

The products are programmed 100% offline, eliminating manual programming. This also allows for a wide variety of product elements, so that customer-specific requirements for the containers can be applied. These specific requirements are prepared offline in advance, after which a unique welding program is compiled and sent to the production site.

Thanks to the ARC-EYE weld seam tracking system with Adaptive plugin, any deviations in the weld seam are detected and the robot parameters are automatically adjusted.

Curious about this solution in practice? Watch the video below.

LAG Trailers



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