Deployment of welding robots fits everything under a one roof strategy

The deployment of welding robots plays an important role in production at JAZO Zevenaar. Since the commissioning of the first welding robot in 2013, the company has gained a lot of experience with welding robotization, and many more products have been made suitable for the robotic welding process. Many elements and accessories are now welded on welding robots in a series starting at 20 pieces, which allowed that process to be automated to a large extent and this helped to relieve employees of monotonous work.

JAZO Zevenaar

JAZO Zevenaar, leading manufacturer of design cladding for technical areas for residential and commercial construction, is a highly automated company that combines all aspects of engineering, production, and assembly under one roof. ERP, CAD, CAM, and calculation are extensively integrated, which enables JAZO to produce competitively. For this JAZO has invested heavily in IT and highly trained employees in work preparation. "With this we have an in-house engineering office, with which we can advise and assist the customer right from the design stage," says Managing Director Henry Aaldering.

Produce project-specific facade elements

In order to provide technical spaces with doors and ventilation grilles both functionally and aesthetically, JAZO supplies 3 different facade systems from simple to high safety, which are custom made for each project. Both the welding robot and the lasers, press brakes and milling machines are programmed directly from 3D models, so that the work can be done completely paperless. The welding robot, which moves over a track and operates 2 workstations, can be used for longer products.

Large series

Also, within the supply branch, which is part of the JAZO group, fixed product groups are produced, including parts for charging poles and electric vehicles. For this, JAZO was looking for an additional welding robot with 2 workstations that could be incorporated plug&play into production and could be delivered quickly. "Valk Welding was able to deliver a standard H2500 system within 2 months that we use for welding smaller products in larger series."


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