Future-proof in a dynamic market: TKA implements first welding robot

The company Tillmann & Schroyen, known as ‘TKA,’ was founded in the year 2000 by Markus Tillmann, who built the company as a specialist in gates and fencing. Together with co-director Jurgen Schroyen, the company has focused on custom high-security solutions for military installations, government buildings, energy providers, and critical infrastructure (KRITIS ) since 2018. The family-owned business, with approximately 70 employees, is located in the heart of the Sauerland region - in Arnsberg.


The demands in the sectors of high-security technology, building security, and KRITIS are increasing. With the growing market and customer needs, TKA has invested in a modern welding robot system from Valk Welding. The robot hangs from a gantry structure and works on different products on two stations. The robot system is designed in a way that the two stations can be converted into one large welding workplace. This allows TKA to produce various posts, floor panels, and safety barriers in different lengths.

A true partnership

“The flexibility and future possibilities we envisioned with this installation were only found at Valk Welding”, says Markus Tillmann. “The consistently honest and technically competent support from the Valk Welding team was one of the many strengths in our search for a true partner. The robot system is our first in this field, so we thought carefully about the execution, future proofing and support during the implementation process. The service team is always available and helpful, even with many minor questions. This is how we imagine a true partnership.”

Simplicity with single pieces

Built into the two stations with rotating manipulators are templates that TKA uses to produce various products. Adjustments to the product size can be made quickly and easily by hand, and to meet customer requirements for small quantities, a macro has been developed to automatically generate single pieces as well. The operator selects the desired parameters from a preselection in a pull-down menu and the welding program is automatically generated, including torch positions and welding parameters.

Flexible and future-proof

“We can respond to various customer requirements in a flexible way”, says Christian Kersch, managing director at TKA. “Having an automatic programming capability that is both very simple and versatile is important for our production. Valk Welding has provided us with excellent support and implemented our wishes in this regard. Thanks to the investment in a Valk system at our production site in Germany, we also feel well prepared for the future, considering the changing market and the current situation in Europe”, Kersch concludes.


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