Kverneland DK optimises welding robot use

The Danish branch of the Kverneland Group (agricultural machinery) has been using Valk Welding welding robots for 15 years. In that period, the number of welding robot installations has been increased and much has been done to increase the productivity of welding production. This has resulted in an improved workflow and an increase in the duty cycle from 40% to 70%.

"To be able to increase productivity, we will not only have to automate but also further optimize the production flow," explains Ezgi Karadas, Kaizen specialist and as production engineer responsible for investments in production equipment.


Taking a critical look at programming time

Offline programming definitely saves a lot of time. Ezgi Karadas: "But we also look critically at the programming time and especially at the ease with which we can create welding programms. Because DTPS has been developed specifically for the welding process, we experience DTPS as very user-friendly and less complicated than other systems".

Welding seam search takes time

"All in all, 25% of the time is spent on weld seam searches. If you make sure in the preliminary process that the typesetting is within the tolerances, you can limit the search routine to only the first piece in the batch. To save even more time, we are considering using the Arc-Eye laser camera system. This corrects the trajectory of the welding robot in real time, so that it always follows the weld exactly.

Reducing changeover times

"In addition, Kverneland is also taking a critical look at changeover times. "By clamping the assemblies on the welding fixture outside the welding robot and placing them as a complete frame in the manipulator with a quick-clamping system, you can reduce the changeover time by about 20 minutes. We are still looking for the right systems to do this".

Performance monitoring

"In order to measure the effect of all measures, we can monitor the performance and duty cycle of the welding robots with an IO connection. After all measures we have now been able to increase this to 70%. With this we have already largely achieved our goal, because 30% downtime is acceptable to us", says Ezgi Karadas.

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