200 tons of welding wire available in Middelfart (DK)

Valk Welding Denmark will move to a new location in quarter one of 2023. Since establishing a company in Denmark in 2008, Valk Welding DK has grown steadily: now it is time to relocate.

Moving to the new building in Middelfart is an essential part to facilitate the future growth of Valk Welding in Denmark, Sweden Norway, Finland and potentially the Baltics, according to Remco H. Valk, CEO of the Valk Welding: “The growing number of staff and associated increased activities such as trainings, instructions, demo’s and general sales support requires a building up to the task”.

And equally important; The new building in Middelfart will allow Valk Welding to stock significant volumes of welding wire to serve regional customers with short delivery times.

With a warehouse capacity of 200 ton welding wire, it will be possible to receive full trucks from the manufacturing plants as well as from the central Valk Welding warehouse in The Netherlands. This will control freight cost while moving large volumes with reduced CO2 emission.

In week 48 the first truck with 24 ton welding wire was unloaded in Middelfart and building stock has commenced. This truck arrived directly from the factory using intermodal (truck-train-truck) freight. See how Valk Welding handles freight: You do what you do best, we take care of the rest

The Middelfart warehouse is ideally located to serve the Danish market with short shipping distances in all directions. It will also function as a hub for wire deliveries to Sweden and Norway while well stablished freight routes to the Baltics are also available.

Valk Welding will stock a variety of welding wire grades and packaging forms, obviously including drum packaging for robotic applications. Contact us for welding wire inquiries: sales@valkwelding.com



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