Unprecedented programming ease: Broshuis as pioneering user ARP with Valk Welding

Last year, Valk Welding introduced a new and advanced software for Automatic Robot Programming (ARP). This makes programming industrial welding robots just as easy as programming the currently popular cobots. "We were immediately interested", says Broshuis, an international manufacturer of trailers. As one of the very first active users, they share their experience.

Industrial programming ease

Broshuis has a high product variety, which used to be a problem with robotic welding. "The smaller the quantities, the more likely we weld by hand," says John Okken, Improvement Engineer and robot programmer at Broshuis, "but now we are trying to push that limit." Automatic Robot Programming (ARP) automates many steps in the programming process, such as detecting weld seams. With this, Broshuis experiences even more than just the benefits of robotic welding: "It is a lot faster to program, that is the real gain. Most of the hours I used to spend on DTPS (Desktop Programming and Simulation Software) have been taken away."

Expertise and calibration

The programming ease of this ARP solution is currently unique on the market: with almost 30 years of experience in offline programming, Valk Welding offers an exceptionally seamless robot calibration. This means fewer production stops, more time savings and a quick installation. "At Broshuis, we are currently testing on their TRACK-Y gantry installation with the simpler products", says James de Villiers, offline programming specialist at Valk Welding. With regular software updates based on constant feedback, Broshuis can now weld more and more products on their robot.

It has become a matter of welding more and more products with the robot.

John Okken, Improvement Engineer and robot programmer at Broshuis

A glimpse into the future

The software is still evolving, with more features being added over time. "The development is progressing really fast", John Okken explains. "Especially with the latest update from the DTPS user day, where you can adjust your search points, it has become a matter of welding more and more products with the robot." As a result, he is enthusiastic about ARP's near future: "The future certainly looks promising. Small things are constantly being added now, but together they already form something big. When ARP has even more features, that is only going to be great."

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