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Valk Welding wire in demand!

While the economies in Europe are recovering from the Covid-19 lockdowns we are seeing a significant increase in the demand for our welding wires.

Valk Welding Servo TIG robot torch delivers high-quality results in thin-walled TIG welding with cold wire

For high-quality products, cold wire TIG welding is still the best process for obtaining perfect, spatter-free welds in thin-walled materials.

We proudly present our brand new Valk Mailing

Please read more about our recently delivered projects and the stories behind.

Hereby we present to you our ARC-EYE brochure

ARC-EYE CSS (Circular Scanning Sensor) is a laser sensor system that ensures that the welding robot follows the welding seam exactly during the …

60 years Valk Welding

Valk Welding exists 60 years this year, a milestone for the welding robot integrator to realise and experience.

Valk Welding CZ starts assembly and training activities for own region

In order to serve the Central European market even better and create room for further growth, Valk Welding CZ s.r.o. moved into its new premises in …

Software solutions

We are pleased to present our software brochure. Software is crucial for successful (welding) robot automation. As your technological partner, Valk …

Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control or SFC, is an application to automate, structure and manage the desk and workshop environment of the robotic welding process.

Strategic reinforcement through arrival of Peter van Erk

As part of the further growth of our sales markets and to further expand the continuity of our activities with welding wires, we are pleased to …


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